About Us

At Divaka pubs people get to know each other, have fun, get married and get divorced, baptise their children, celebrate the birthdays of their grandmothers and their grandchildren, share their joy and their grief with friends, and sometimes - just have a drink.

Divaka has become a part of the life and memories of different generations.

Our first pub opened in 1995 with the idea to gather friends so they can have some sweet small talk over a drink. During the following years it became a chain of restaurants which constantly make sure their fans are in good mood and feel cosy. The menu is diverse, the surroundings - informal. Our staff listens to all clients' wishes and recommendations. Divaka is just a great place to have lunch or dinner with frinends and family.


Restaurants 'Divaka'

Hr. Belchev 16 st.: +359 88 821 9087
Gladston 54 st.: +359 88 744 0011
6th Septemvri 41A st.: +359 88 670 2996

For Delivery: +359 895 700 000