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Divaka – Hr. Belchev st.: +359 88 821 9087

Divaka – Gladston 54 st.: +359 88 744 0011

Divaka – 6th Septemvri st.: +359 88 670 2996

Delivery information

1Regional delivery – 3 BGN. If order exceeds 30 BGN – delivery is FREE! Time for delivery – 30 to 50 minutes from making the order.

2Delivery outside of the region (within Sofia city limits) – 5 BGN. If order exceeds 50 BGN – delivery is FREE! Time for delivery – 60 to 80 minutes from making the order, depending on the delivery address and the time of day. Please ask the operator for estimated delivery time.

3The minimum order is 14.99 BGN, not include delivery cost.

*In order to avoid delivery delays, especially during peak hours, you can order in advance and specify the time you need the order delivered.

“Divaka” Catering

If you can’t spare the time to visit us, or don’t feel like cooking for yourself, you can order from our menu by phone – we can deliver to your home or office.

We also offer catering with pre-approved by you menu. If you want to impress your guests without doing all the work yourself, we can help with equipment, well-trained staff, and make all the arrangements for your party. In case you don’t have the appropriate party space, we can certainly offer one of our many restaurant halls.